Since 1951


Our Farm

In 1951, Mr. Kostas Papamarinos sets up the first rudimentary cheese factory in Volakas, Drama.

Traditional cheese

His son, Mr. Petros Papamarinos continues, by making not only the famous cheese of Volakas, but also other types of traditional cheese. He sets up an advanced cheese factory in Prostotsani, Drama.

Tradition with modern technology

Then, the third-generation cheese maker Kostas Papamarinos is in charge. Combining tradition with modern technology, he sets up a standard, modern, vertically integrated natural production unit on the base of Mount Falakro, Drama. Based on the experience of their father, Petros, on the recipes of their mother, Toula, and on Kostas’ and his sisters’, Maria and Athina, cheese making diplomas, they succeeded in making a wide range of dairy products, based on innovations like the production of 0% fat yogurt with mutton milk. The family’s love for milk leads to successive awards; the production unit starts operating as training unit, as well.

Strict certified specifications

The natural products are produced in a traditional and pure way in Papamarinou Farm until today. All the products are produced with respect and love to nature, but also under strict certified specifications combined with traditional processes, offering the consumer the tastiest experience.


The nephew, Anastasios Lalassides, who has studied Economics, became a member of the Farm family in 2019. Today, our products can be found in fine shops in the Greek and Cypriot market; there is also a complete plan of exports, opting for our “five-star” natural products to be exported to other countries, as well. Besides, the love for the traditional Greek dairy products is growing worldwide, and this mainly motivates us to export our products.


Our products

  • Organic goat yogurt strained 5%

  • Kefir

  • Organic goat yogurt 2.5%

  • Low fat goat cheese 8% fat from 100% Greek goat and sheep milk

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